Leonie Hahn Illustrator, situated 
in the Netherlands, 
is responsible for the privacy of correspondents
as laid out in the following Privacy declaration.

My Contact details:
Please email me at:
Further details upon request.

What contact details are retained?
Personal and business email addresses are solely 
retained by my email program.

Why your contact details are retained.
To be able to contact you when required e.g. with 
reference to a project we may be working on together,
or to facilitate the physical delivery of goods.

Sharing contact details with third parties.
This will only be done with your agreement.

How long are contact details retained.
In general, emails will be removed from the program
between six to twelve weeks from the send date.

Do I use Cookies?
I do not use cookies on my website.

Removal of contact details.
If you suspect that your details are being used
incorrectly, if you need to change them
or If you wish me to remove them from my email
entirely, please contact me at: 

You also have the right to complain
to the (Dutch) national body at: 

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