Hello there! I'm Leonie Hahn, an experienced illustrator and graphic designer with a passion for cars, science, and food. With a background in Illustration Design and years of successful freelance work, as well as in-house design experience, I'm adept at bringing ideas to life through visual storytelling.
My work encompasses brand design, capturing stories, and conveying information in engaging and impactful ways. Equipped with digital skills in tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, along with a solid foundation in traditional media, I tackle a diverse range of projects. Whether it's crafting vibrant illustrations, designing powerful infographics, or creating sleek brand identities, I'm always exploring new avenues to help you tell your story and express my creativity.
I believe in a collaborative, open approach and am genuinely excited to partner with you to bring your brand to life and tell your story visually. When we're working together, I emphasize clear and open communication throughout to ensure our collaboration is not only seamless and productive but also enjoyable and fulfilling.
Are you looking for a way to tell your story, build your brand or entice your audience? Reach out to me at leonie@leoniehahn.nl and let's create something remarkable together!
If you like to keep up with my work, make sure to follow me on social media for regular updates.