Recently I had the pleasure to work together with a cool company called Luqo.
Luqo designs cooperative educational games for Dutch Pre Schools (age 4 to 12). Since Dutch schoolkids are using tablets in the classrooms - they saw a opportunity to make educational games which are focused on teamwork by using a set of 4 coloured buttons.

Luqo needed loads of restyling for their games, giving me the awesome opportunity to have a long term collaboration. Design backgrounds and assets compatible with animation features. 
A small selection of several assets needed for the Rhyme Words Laboratory game (it all rhymes in Dutch - I promise!) By using the 4 coloured buttons, the kids can decide together which words they want to pick from the conveyor belt and put in to the flask.
In this Vocabulary Farm game kids get to learn new words or words in a second language. By working together and pressing their buttons, they can move the farmer around and collect words with their corresponding objects.

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