A Dutch company called Voorlichtinsysteem (Information system) contacted me for a rebranding with a logo and accompanying assets.
Voorlichtingsysteem (VLS) provides one central database for information about 5,000 associate, bachelor's and master's programs. They also support educational institutions in organizing their daily information processes inhouse. In short: they are a single source information network and managing system combined.
This company offers a unique service and has no direct competitors, which gave me lots of freedom with styles, colours and shapes.
Keywords VLS: data stream, network, roadmap, helpdesk, motherboard, searchlight, hands, communication, single point of contact, papers & documents. 

After some initial sketching with streamlines, roadmaps, dynamic flow, computer electronics and the shapes of the letters V L S, three concepts emerged:
I hope you enjoyed having a little look in my workshop - have a nice day!

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